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Thinking of investing?
Call us to set up a meeting and discuss further details. 
We will guide you through every step of the process and continue onto a mutually beneficial cooperation.
Real Estate consulting

Property investments are all about the right choices that will result in increased ROIs.


We are locals, we are travellers and investors ourselves.


We  connect you with guaranteed real estate agents and consult you accordingly to make sure you made the best choice possible.



Our team of architects and designers have one goal in mind: to convert each new space into a practical, fresh and modern space. Great design and comfort is what we aim for.

We take over the renovation for you and make sure to give you optimal design to reflect your investment, and recuperate as fast as possible.

Property management


The RIZARI INN team offers property rental and hospitality services to owners, and takes charge of all hassle and struggles a property may have.

We take over all bills, legal and local tax matters, and any other occurrences regarding your property.

Rely on us for a successful, hassle free property rental.

It all began from a small investment in Pangrati area, where we discovered unexpectedly a couple of apartments and immediately dreamt of creating cosy yet contemporary homes to rent in the city centre. With a long experience in hospitality, the dream of RIZARI INN quickly began to take shape.

RIZARI INN is about making a smart real estate investment and making the most out of it. We choose wise locations in the centre of Athens, we value quality, and we do renovations with a goal to increase the worth of the apartment for future use.

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