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About the RIZARI INN team
Family-run business, passionate, and as travellers ourselves we put a lot of personal insight in RIZARI INN.

We want you to experience Athens and its beauty in a unique way, while having a comfortable and memorable stay in one of our homes.

All our apartments have our own personal touch, and along with our team of trusted architects we aim to create practical and modern spaces, bringing you all comforts of home. 

Give us a ring at +30 695 856 5119 and we'll help you find the best option for you.

*We speak English, French, Italian, Hebrew, Greek, Japanese and Swahili


"Hello everyone! I'm Dimi. I love travels, adventures and languages! I speak 6 languages fluently! I'm in love with Athens, the city where I grew up. 
I would like you to enjoy your stay and live a great experience in this city full of contrasts and beauties! 
See you soon!"


"Born and raised in Italy, I have lived in Japan, and Greece and traveled in numerous places around the world. 

Athens is a city which won my heart with its hidden gems and vast culture.

Every area and every neighbourhood has its own uniqueness - I hope you will enjoy this side of Athens as well!"

pipo kitto.jpg

"Hello, I'm Kitty, one of your hosts of the Rizari Inn team. 

My long experience in hospitality and traveling along with my love for the city of Athens, was a chance for me to combine my passion and create warm & comfortable homes for travellers.

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